The Musical


A new (2023) original traditional musical by Melody Bay Productions, LLC (MBP).

Seeking professional theatre companies, college/university theatre companies, community theatre and high school theatre communities interested in production opportunity. Available for production in January 2023. Scripts available. Recorded music (with vocals and without vocals) available. Sheet music available. Collaboration available. 17 original songs. 12 Characters plus choir/ensemble. 100 -minute running time (plus intermission and overture).

Also available in an abridged version. 8 Characters, 7 Songs, 50 Minutes running time. 


PEOPLE R READY-The Musical is the fun-loving story of students returning for the fall semester on the campus of Dakota College. Romance is in the air and so is the excitement of making new friends, catching up on lost time and preparing for the Drama Department’s upcoming musical auditions. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is whether campus life can ever be like it was, before face masks and vaccines? Oh, who cares, let’s sing, dance and be happy.


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    People R Ready The Musical
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