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  James Gutzman

James Gutzman

President | Melody Bay Productions, LLC

James Gutzman, producer, musician and composer is a native Minnesotan. His musical gifts include being an accomplished drummer, vocalist and stage performer/musician. As a producer, Jim built his first music studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was here that he began composing seriously for a band he was beginning to develop on paper. Jim returned to Minnesota and established a professional recording studio and production company, Melody Bay Productions, LLC. In 2017, Jim and Alex Twum begin developing music for an original musical ‘Steppin Into The Street and an accompanying album “Put Some On The Plate.”  In 2021, Jim collaborated with playwright Tom David Barna to write the book for a new original musical, PEOPLE R READY–The Musical.  The new musical is to be produced under the auspices of Melody Bay Productions, LLC and is currently in development, to include an accompanying soundtrack. It is Jim’s ambition to make the script and music (both recorded and with sheet music) available to theatre companies, university/college theatre programs, high school theatre programs and local and community theatre companies.

Alex Twum, Ray Evangelista, Jim Gutzman

Alex Twum, Ray Evangelista, Jim Gutzman

Composers | Lyricist Team

Alexander Twum  a.k.a. “O Music”, Vocalist, Drums, Keyboard, Composer, Lyricist. “O Music” originally from Accra, Ghana and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, comes from a long line of family musicians. Playing drums by age 10 before later becoming a noteworthy keyboardist, Alex established himself within the Canadian musician community for his creativity, originality and stage performance. Moving to America in 2009, Alex has focused primarily on studio work, producing and composing original music.    

Ray Evangelista, Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer, Lyricist

Born in the Philippines, Ray considered a musical prodigy, starting at age 5, performing on both radio and television and then toured the with the USO with music legends as a teenager. A graduate from Gamma Musical Conservatory, Ray moved to Minneapolis, MN to become one of the most sought after and respected studio musicians/song writers in the Midwest.   

Reynaldo (Ray) Losloso Evangelista passed away on December 12, 2021 after a courageous battle with Covid pneumonia.

Many thanks to his children, Theresa King, Ray L. Evangelista Jr. , and Natalie R. Evangelista for allowing his musical legend to continue.

James Gutzman, Vocalist, Percussionist, Composer, Lyricist

Jim is a native Minnesotan. He has been involved in music all of his life, performing professionally across the country as a drummer/vocalist. While he enjoys performing, working in the recording studio and composing music, his greatest passion is creating original music. Jim has recently built a new recording studio in the twin cities dedicated to creating original music for individuals  and theatre. PEOPLE R READY-The Musical is the brainchild of Jim and has been in development for three years.

Tom Barna

Tom Barna

Author | Playwright

Tom has penned more than twenty-seven full length plays, twenty-four short plays, co-authored for a 13-part radio series and authored four children’s books and several eBooks.  He has been commissioned for projects as varied as episodic radio and children’s musicals. He is the recipient of more than twenty-six regional non-equity and/or festival productions and/or staged readings since 2009 and five McKnight Foundation Artist Grants. Tom has also directed, produced and performed on stage.


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The Lyrics

Alexander Twum, Ray Evangelista and James Gutzman, our accomplished composer and lyricist team, have been in the recording studio for more than eighteen months leading to the development of seventeen original songs as eclectic as reggae, rap, R&B and pop.

These talented and accomplished writer-musician performers are equally universal. Twum is from Ghana, Evangelista was from the Philippines and Gutzman, a Minnesota native. Each bring an exciting cultural spin to each song.

“It is our differences that tend to make our music broadly appealing,” explained Jim Gutzman

To bring their music to the live stage, they brought in Minnesota playwright, Tom David Barna, to write the book and  develop a storyline, set to the music the three created.

People-R-Ready for this new, full-length, original musical scheduled for initial release in 2023.

College Campus

The soundtrack is scheduled for release by Melody Bay Production, LLC in early 2023.

  • Scripts.
  • Recorded music (with & without vocals).
  • Sheet music.
  • Collaboration.
  • 17 Original songs.
  • 12 Characters plus choir/ensemble.
  • 100 minutes running time.

Also available in an Abridged Version:

  • 7 songs.
  • 8 Characters.
  • 50 minute running time.
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